2017 July 17-19 HEFAT Annual Meeting

GEOTREF was represented in Portoroz, Slovenia with 1 written and oral communication.

Thermodynamic analysis of water boiling in presence of a non-condensable gas, the Carbon dioxide (CO2): Application to geothermal flows in wellbores.

Thiagalingam I.1; Bergez W.1; and Colin C.1
1. Institut de Mécanique des fluides de Toulouse, France.

2017 June 20-23 CONTEXT Annual Meeting

GEOTREF was represented in Paris, France with 1 written and oral communication.

Elaboring the Context Calculator: A Design Experiment in Geothermy.

Anjou C.1; Forissier T.1; Bourdeau J.2; Mazabraud Y.1; Nkambou R.3; Fournier F.1
1. Université des Antilles, pôle Guadeloupe, France.
2. Télé-Université du Québec, Montreal, Québec.
3. UQAM, Montreal, Québec.

2017 June 12-15 79th EAGE Annual Meeting

GEOTREF was represented in Paris, France with 1 e-poster.

Sensitivity Analysis On the Modeling of Flows and Heat Transfers in the Geothermal Field of Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe.

Raguenel M.1; Bonneau F.1; Driesner T.2
1. GeoRessources, Nancy, France.
2. ETHZ, Zürich, Suisse (Switzerland, Suiza).

EGU General Assembly 2017

GEOTREF project poster

The European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU) 2017 was held from 23 to 28 April 2017 in Vienna, Austria. This year, the largest European congress about Geosciences was attended by 14496 scientists from 107 different countries, during 4849 oral presentations, 11312 posters and 1238 PICO (Presenting Interactive COntent). The GEOTREF project was represented by communications in the form of posters and oral presentations.

Two members of the GEOTREF project participated in the organization of sessions:

  • Jérôme Fortin (ENS): Session EMRP1.1/ERE1.10/GI3.15. Evaluation of coupled reservoir processes: laboratory experiments and numerical modeling.

Jérôme Fortin (ENS): Session ERE1.4/EMRP4.40/TS2.6. Fracture, mechanics and flow in tight reservoirs.

  • Yves Géraud (GeoRessources): Session ERE3.4. Conventional and unconventional geothermal resources: Advances in integrated approaches for exploration and monitoring.

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2016 December 12-16 AGU Fall meeting

AGU 2016 – Fall meeting

GEOTREF was represented in San Francisco, Ca, USA with 1 oral communication.

Magnetic mapping around Les Saintes islands (Lesser Antilles, Guadeloupe) for structural interpretation.

Mercier de Lépinay J. 1, Munschy M. 1, Géraud Y. 2, Diraison M. 1, Navelot V. 2, Verati C. 3 Corsini M.3, Lardeaux J.M. 3

1. IPGS, Strasbourg, France

2. GeoRessources, Nancy, France

3. GéoAzur, Nice – Sophia Antipolis, France

2016 November 24-26 XXth General Meeting and Biennal Conference of the Caribbean Academy of Sciences


GEOTREF was represented in Deshaies, Guadeloupe, France with 1 oral communication.

Highlighting Context Effects in a Pedagogical Innovation on Geothermal Energy in the Caribbean and North America.

Forissier T. 1, Bourdeaux J. 1, Fournier F. 1, Mazabraud Y.1

1. Université des Antilles, pôle Guadeloupe, France