GEOTREF will be represented at the World Geothermal Congress 2020 +1 (delayed by one year due to the health context). Exceptionally, the congress will initially take place via virtual sessions, during which the partners will be able to present their work through video recordings (Opening Event – 30/03/2021 ; Business & Environment – 13/04/2021 ; Geosciences – 11&12/05/2021 ; Engineering – 15/06/2021 ; Cutting Edge – 06/07/2021), then in a second step via a session with on-site presentations (On Site Conference – 24 to 27/10/2021).

Learners’ Conceptions About Geothermal Energy in Three Caribbean Islands

Claire Anjou(1), Frédéric Fournier(1), Yves Mazabraud(1) and Thomas Forissier(1)
(1) ESPE de Guadeloupe, Morne Ferret, BP 517, 97178, Les Abymes, France
Tuesday 13th April, 18:00 pm. [Room: Stream D] SESSION 5D: Societal and Cultural Aspects 3 – Communities

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