GEOTREF in the headlines of the FA Guadeloupe newspaper, 2019 november 2nd

Le potentiel géothermique de la Guadeloupe a été sous-estimé

The geothermal power of Guadeloupe has been underestimated.

Scientific researches conducted in the last 5 years in the mark of the GEOTREF project are paying off. Guadeloupe geothermal potential seems to be very high and very promising.

Geothermal energy is endogenous and clean, much less expensive than electricity production based on oil or coal. Obvious Authority’s attraction towards it is enhanced by the actual context of energy transition. Besides, Elisabeth Borne, French minister for the ecological transition, and Frédérique Vidal, French minister for Research & Development, have visited the Bouillante power station on Sunday.
Electricity production based on geothermal energy has been raised up to 15 MW …

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