The “Training Through Research” component is a strong element of the GEOTREF project. The 16 theses and post-doctorates contained in the draft demonstrate this:

Guardianship Type Topic
UA PhD Thesis Fractured reservoir characterization in volcanic areas making use of innovative multi-method approaches: application in the area of Vieux-Habitants (Guadeloupe).
GeoRessources PhD Thesis Geometry and behavior of geothermal reservoirs in volcanic areas: example in the lesser Antilles.
EOST-IPGS PhD Thesis Non-seismic geophysics applied to deep geothermal exploration in the Lesser Antilles.
EOST-LHyGeS Post-Doctorate Energy transfer modeling in dual-porosity Reservoir.
GeoRessources PhD Thesis Modeling the thermo-hydro-chemical behavior in fractured reservoirs with unstructured meshes.
ENS PhD Thesis/ Post-Doctorate Contribution of micro-seismic in the study of cracked systems’ mechanics and dynamics behavior during temperature and pressures changes.
ARMINES PhD Thesis Exploitation of induced micro-seismic data in order to characterize the fracture network architecture.
ARMINES PhD Thesis Stochastic approach to the tomography of micro-earthquakes.
IMFT PhD Thesis Modeling of water flow and heat transport in porous and fractured geologic media (application to deep geothermal reservoirs).
IMFT PhD Thesis Mono dimensional modelling of the liquid-vapor flows with phase change: application to the flows in geothermal wells.
GEC PhD Thesis Petrographic and mineralogical Characterization of high temperature fractured geothermal reservoir.
GeoAzur PhD Thesis Evolution of hydrothermal fluids in the upper crust of the Lesser Antilles island arc: applications to the geothermal systems.
UA PhD Thesis Geothermal Energy: Representations, Teaching and Contexts in the Antilles and in the Caribbean area.
UA PhD Thesis Kinematics of brittle deformations along the northern Lesser Antilles Arc.
EOST-LHyGeS PhD Thesis Study of the hydrothermal alteration processes combining Bore/Lithium and uranium-series isotopic approach.
GeoRessources Post-Doctorate Subject to be precised …