Subject 9 – Thesis: Modeling of water flow and heat transport in porous and fractured geologic media (application to deep geothermal reservoirs)

Supervisor: R. Ababou, M. Marcoux (IMFT)
Research unit: IMFT
Starting date: 2015, october the first
Candidate name: T. Rajeh

Summary of PhD thesis topic

Research on effective properties of a fractured porous reservoir in the context of deep, high temperature geothermal exploitation:

  • Analyzis and generation of 3D fractured media (statistical systems of planar fractures).
  • Calculation of equivalent coefficients of permeability, thermal conductivity, and matrix/fracture exchange (upscaling theories, numerical implementation and validation).
  • Modeling: 3D numerical simulation (finite volumes) of coupled hydro-thermal flow for an equivalent dual continuum geothermal reservoir, possibly including an interface for well/reservoir coupling during exploitation (thermo-hydraulics processes in the well are not studied in this thesis, but are the object of another task within the same project).