Executive order granting the exclusive exploration license over the area of Vieux Habitants now released

Exclusive exploration license over the area of Vieux Habitants now released

An executive order taken on May 10th, 2016 by the French Government and published in the “Journal Officiel de la République Française” (official bulletin of the French Republic) grants an exclusive exploration license for high temperature geothermal prospect over the area of Vieux Habitants in Guadeloupe (referred to as the Vieux Habitants concession) to Géothermie de Guadeloupe SaS (GdG). This licence is granted for a duration of 5 years from its date of publication.

The grant of this licence marks an essential milestone of the GEOTREF project: the exploration results and benefits derived from all work carried out within this project, managed by GdG, are now protected as a result of this licence. It will also give GdG priority rights to access the resource once it is qualified.

The members of the GEOTREF consortium had however not waited for the grant of the concession to advance investigative works: geological surveys (structural and petrophysical), geophysical surveys (seismic, MT and magnetic) and geochemical surveys have already been undertaken. According to the project schedule, surface exploration work is expected to finish by the end of 2016 and conclude with an estimation of the exploitable resource, and the definition of exploration drilling targets. See for reference, the text of the executive order