19-22 septiembre 2017 RING Annual Meeting

GEOTREF fue representado en Nancy, Francia por 2 comunicaciones escritas y orales.

Physical simulations on unstructured meshes with an integrative tool linking RINGMesh and CSMP++.

Raguenel M.1; Bonneau, F.1; Mazuyer T.1; Driesner T.2
1. GeoRessources, Nancy, France.
2. ETHZ, Zürich, Suisse (Switzerland, Suiza).

Toward an understanding of the relationship between fracturing process and microseismic activity: study at the laboratory scale.

Bonneau F.1; Luu K.2; Nicolas A.3; Li Z.3
1. GeoRessources, Nancy, France.
2. Mines ParisTech, Paris, France.
3. ENS, Paris, France.